This is the "Original" Sea Claw Anchor

We have been forging Sea Claw quality anchors at our foundry for over 15 years. Others have tried to
copy our anchor and even market their inferior product by the same name. "Sea Claw Anchors." Don't be fooled.
When their junk breaks our "Sea Claw" name suffers. Our Anchor comes with a Stainless Steel Bar and
a Bronze Fluke. All of our anchors include a limited lifetime warranty.

Ease into the water ...and hang on!

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  • Bronze Fluke

  • Stainless steel bar

  • Will not rust

  • No chain required

  • Wind sets anchor

  • Works in sand, grass, mud or rocks




**Does not include shackle or line**


Now selling 3/8” & 1/2” anchor line with braided stainless thimbles. & also 1/2” stainless shackles

                 Call for details.

Next day delivery for Florida 

6# Kayak & Canoe Anchor $103.00 + Shipping (No Handling Fee)
(NEW) 8 # Model in stock  $139.00 + Shipping (No Handling Fee)
12 # Model in stock  $179.00 + Shipping (No Handling Fee)
(NEW) 12 # Model W/18" Crossbar $189.00 + Shipping   (No Handling Fee)
18 # Model in stock
  $229.00 + Shipping (No Handling Fee)
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